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Message from the BEN FUND


Dear Member

Thank you for being a member of the Ben Fund. Over recent years the Fund has continued to expand its facilities and offer to better support both serving and retired officers. As a serving officer you have access to the following comprehensive range of services:

  • Physiotherapy – either in Force or at St Michael’s Lodge
  • Mental Health Counselling and support
  • A range of holistic treatments
  • Opportunity to access a wellbeing break at St Michael’s Lodge
  • Free respite breaks for members (and their families) who are unwell
  • Financial hardship support in the form of grants ( Depending on individual circumstances, this may include a grant to next of kin in the event of death in service)

Full details of the Ben Fund offer and how to apply for treatment / services can be found on our website This includes video testimonials from serving officers who have recently used our services.

You will be aware of the ongoing cost pressures that currently face us all as individuals including the cost of energy and food. As a police charity that relies heavily on member donations to deliver its services, the Ben Fund has worked hard to be more efficient in order to absorb these costs. In recognition of the additional financial pressures facing the Fund, the Trustees agreed at their September 2023 meeting, to increase the monthly donation for serving officers. With effect from November 2023, the donation will increase by £1 per month to £8.40 per month. However, because you are donating to a charity you receive tax relief on your donation. This means that a member who pays 20% tax will actually pay £6.72 per month and a 40% taxpayer will pay £5.04 per month. This represents the first donation increase since 2016.

You do not need to do anything these changes will be automatically adjusted via your payroll.

We believe that this increase still represents excellent value for money in relation to the comprehensive support offer the Ben Fund provides to its members.

Should you wish to clarify or discuss the above please feel free to contact your Pollfed, NCOA or Supts Association Ben Fund Trustee or contact me directly.

Jeremy Graham

CEO – The Ben Fund