I’m a serving officer from West Midlands and suffered two separate incidents where I’ve had a dog bite my leg causing a significant leg injury, the second incident I had three operations on a dislocated finger which resulted in it being removed.

The physical side has been hard but the psychological side has been a constant battle and being diagnosed with PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. I thought I was a strong character but Mental Health isnt picky. It resulted in hair loss, stress, hypervigilance which is exhausting. I can only describe it as being in the fight/flight state, annoyingly sensitive to sound which made me so jumpy. I hated it and felt so weak/vulnerable.

But I reached out and have had some amazing support.

Which brings me nicely on to my 4 night stay at St Michaels Lodge.

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Firstly I just want to say thank you for your very kind grant award. There are no words to describe how much it has and will help me and my family and it assists in so many ways than financial alone.

I know that no words will be able to justly explain how I feel about your kindness however I have seen that you have a testimonial section and would like to offer the following:

When suddenly being effected by a chronic illness, your life is turned completely upside down. Not only does your personal and home life become extremely stressed and fractured, your own personal resolve suffers greatly and your ability to cope becomes tested in all manner of ways you would never expect.

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I am a retired Police Officer from Cumbria, now aged 62.

In 1999, whilst still serving, I began to suffer lower back problems which rapidly degenerated and required the removal of a disc in my lower back in 2001.

The later onset of osteo-arthritis in my legs and spine and heart trouble led to progressive mobility problems. This led to the consequent and most unwelcome difficulties with personal care and independent living, placing quite a significant burden upon my wife.

Through Cumbria Police Federation, I was directed to the Police Benevolent Fund and the possibility of practical assistance to make my daily needs more manageable.

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“I am so pleased that Derek paid into The Ben Fund his whole career as now we have that support when we really need it.”  Derek Clegg was a police officer with Merseyside Police for 28 years until his retirement in 2017. Unfortunately, after his retirement he became seriously unwell, leaving him disabled and requiring round the clock care from his wife Jackie. Here Jackie tells her story of how The Ben Fund has helped her through such difficult times.  Jackie said: “My husband has been receiving help from The Benevolent Fund after suffering serious illness after he retired. Derek was a PC, serving in high response driving and CID with Merseyside Police until   2017.

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A retired Lancashire Police officer who joined the force in 1963 has thanked The Ben Fund for the “second-to-none” treatment he received after a fall.  Harry Court was an officer for 30 years, then came back from retirement to work for another five years. He’s recently received physiotherapy at St Michael’s Lodge.

Harry said: “I had a fall in August and went to the hospital, but they just gave me some pamphlets, so it was suggested that I approach The Ben Fund. They signed me up and I did about four weeks’ physio with Dean. He got rid of the shoulder pain and got me moving again. The treatment I received was second to none.”

Harry has paid into The Ben Fund for many years, and often attends meetings at St Michael’s Lodge as part of his role as a voluntary welfare officer for the National Association of Retired Police Officers (NARPO). He also knows several retired police officers who have benefited from treatment at St Michael’s Lodge.

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