We are a membership organisation available to both serving and retired officers and in some cases their families too.  

There are currently 16,500 members of the Ben Fund.

Are You A Member?

If your pay slip shows a deduction to Benevolent Fund then you are a member and can benefit from the fund.

If you are not a member then you could miss out on:

  • Death Benefits
  • Convalescent & Treatment Centres
  • Loans & Grants
  • Holiday Homes

What Does It Cost?

Your donation is subject to payroll giving where you get the benefit of tax relief. Your payslip shows a deduction of £7.40. This is deducted from your gross pay total before tax is applied. Therefore, there is tax relief on the £7.40 at the rate you pay tax, so the net result with regard to donations for a 20% taxpayer, is actually £5.92 per month, and for a 40% taxpayer, £4.44 per month. If you pull out, you won’t be saving the full amount and the real saving is actually minimal.

The same principle applies to retired officers. The £5 donation equals £4 for a 20% taxpayer and £3 for a 40% taxpayer.