The Special Constabulary (SC) plays a crucial role in supporting frontline policing. Whilst on duty SC officers potentially face exactly the same physical and mental challenges as their regular colleagues. In appreciation of the contribution the SC makes, and recognising your status as volunteers, often balancing work and caring responsibilities, your Force and The Ben Fund have developed a care package to support your physical and psychological wellbeing. This is paid for by your Force and is free to use.

What is the Ben Fund?                       

The Ben Fund is an independent charity, set up in 1974, dedicated to supporting the police family in the North West region. Its largest operating centre is located at its state of the art facility at St Michael’s Lodge in Lancashire’s Ribble Valley. St Michael’s Lodge includes a swimming pool, gym and twenty bedrooms to facilitate residential stays. Services are also provided at satellite sites in each Force area (except Lancashire).


The Ben Fund provides physiotherapy services at St Michael’s Lodge, Lancashire and at satellite sites at Cheshire HQ, Cumbria HQ, GMP Federation Offices and Merseyside Police HQ. You can apply for treatment either within your Force area or at St Michael’s Lodge whichever is most convenient.

Applying for Physiotherapy Treatment 

If you wish to apply for treatment you should complete the application form available in the link below. This form must be endorsed by your GP and forwarded to St Michael’s Lodge. The application will be clinically assessed and you will be contacted accordingly. The number of treatment sessions required will be based upon clinical need.

Physiotherapy Services


We offer counselling covering all aspects of professional and personal life to support you and your mental health. The application process is simple, self-refer,  no need to go through your managers and submit the on-line application form. We have a dedicated team of counsellors, offering support at St Michael’s Lodge, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. The counselling service is self-referral only and offers a confidential, non-judgemental approach to all issues.

Applying for Counselling

If you wish to apply for counselling please complete the application form which can be found in the link below. Once received a counsellor will make contact with you to arrange an appointment. Again, the number of sessions will be determined by clinical need. This is a confidential service and there is no requirement to inform your Force about your application. 

Counselling Services

Health and Wellbeing

The Ben Fund provides Health and Wellbeing services at St Michael’s Lodge including exercise classes, holistic treatments and the use of our facilities including swimming pool and gym. You may apply for a day or days of respite care. This is offered on a residential basis for between one and four nights in any single week or up to four nights stays in any twelve- month period.

Applying for wellbeing services

If you wish to access these services you should complete the application form in the link below. You will be contacted by a member of our staff to arrange treatment.

Wellbeing Services

Protecting your Confidentiality

In order to protect your confidentiality the Ben Fund will not maintain a data base of Special Constabulary officers. When you apply for treatment The Ben Fund will make contact with your Force coordinator to confirm that you are a serving member of the Special Constabulary. The Ben Fund will not disclose the nature of the services applied for.

Counselling is a confidential service and there is no requirement to inform your Force about your application.

Any questions?

If you require further information please contact The Ben Fund on 01254 244980 or or speak to your Force Special Constabulary Coordinator.